I create grrreat internet thingies for you humans and your stupid computers.


The community for fashion photographers, models, stylists and agencies.


A low-level programming framework for developing modular, efficient and secure PHP web applications.

Commodore PET Mini

Buid your own Commodore PET Mini, possibly the prettiest retro computer from the 70's.

DEC Mini

A 3D-printable, fully working, customizable computer inspired by one of the loveliest retro computers of the 80's.

jQuery Mosaic

A jQuery plugin to build beautiful mosaics.


A web tool to present mockups to your client bringing back the "wow" effect your work deserves.


A fast and efficient email queuing system.


A CSS repository and visual experiment about the real colors of the planets.


A library to implement simple evolutive, genetics-based machine learning algorithms.


A content maturity rating standard for artistic web social communities.